Your Legacy in Stone

At the Catholic Cemeteries Association, we understand the importance of honoring each unique life. We offer various memorialization options, allowing for either in-ground burial of full-body or cremated remains, ensuring that your loved one’s legacy is preserved. *

The Benefits of a CCA Headstone


With over 175 years of experience crafting monuments, our expertise reflects a profound legacy of quality and dedication in commemorating each life.


We have proudly crafted over 10,000 monuments, each a testament to our commitment to excellence and honoring memories across families.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our monuments are guaranteed to withstand the test of time and resist cracking, checking, fading, or discoloration. Should any of these issues arise, we will repair or replace the monument at no cost to your family. Please see our Rules and Regulations for further information on normal wear and tear.

Your Choices

Our experienced Family Service Representatives are dedicated to working with you to help design a custom memorial that truly encapsulates the spirit of your loved one. Entrust us with your memories, and together, we will create a timeless monument that honors their legacy with the dignity, respect, and artistry it deserves.
*Restrictions on memorialization options may apply depending on the selected grave location.

Flush Markers

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Raised (Pillow) Markers

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Slant Monuments

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Custom Monuments

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