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Founded in the 1850’s, the Catholic Cemeteries Association, Diocese of Cleveland, has served over 700,000 families throughout Northeast Ohio. Let our knowledgeable and compassionate Family Service Representatives guide you through all burial decisions, both before or at the time of need. There’s no need to wait, call the Catholic Cemeteries Association today at 855-85-2PLAN (855-852-7526).

Starting the process...

…Have a conversation with your family about your wishes.

  • Do they know if you want traditional burial or cremation?
  • Do they know if you want in-ground or above-ground burial?
  • Do they know you want a funeral mass?
  • Do they know you want to be buried in a Catholic cemetery?
  • Have you considered a family lot?

…Attend a pre-planning seminar held at our 8 cemetery offices or through local parishes. View our Calendar for dates and locations.

…Contact a Family Service Representative to learn about your burial options and interest-free payment plans. Call toll-free 855-85-2PLAN or click HERE to request more information.

The selection of your final resting place is inevitable, and will be made either by you or your surviving family members. Consider your options more carefully by making arrangements in advance.

Why Pre-Plan?

When Your Family is Left to Plan Your Final Arrangements When You Pre-Plan Your Own Arrangements
Your family may experience added stress. The responsibility of making arrangements at the time of your death will make this time of sorrow more stressful for your family. With the gift of pre-planning, you will allow your family more quality time with loved ones during their time of grief.
Your family will assume the financial burden. Your family may be unable to absorb the cost of your final arrangements and therefore unable to carry out your wishes. Protect your family from unnecessary hardship.
Your family may overspend. Families often overspend when they are left with difficult decision making at the time of need. Make informed decisions as a family now and lock in today’s prices.
Your family members may have contrary opinions. Decisions left for your family can be difficult especially if there are differing opinions. Pre-planning will ensure that important decisions have been made alleviating disagreements and possible conflict within the family.
Your family may make impulsive decisions. Families can make rash decisions when left with the responsibility of making final arrangements. Carefully consider your options with your family, before the need arises.
Your family will choose your final resting place. When arrangements are left to your family, your wishes, due to a variety of reasons, might not be carried out. Have peace of mind knowing your wishes have been communicated and are paid for.