The Catholic Cemeteries Association meets the needs of families, individuals, and parishes surrounding the death of a loved one.

In providing a consecrated place for burial, we treat the deceased and their families with dignity and respect, while offering a spiritual and physical environment that encourages frequent visitation - where faith is strengthened, hope is awakened, and remembrance is accomplished through perpetual care.

We represent a Church familiy that is unbroken by death. We celebrate the death, and resurrection of our Lord, which offer to us the promise of eternal life.

Our Committment

Catholic Cemeteries Association provides burials within a religious context, making statements about our tradition and those who have been significant in the evolution of that tradition both in our universal and local Church.

Our cemeteries are places which invite young and old to see death as a part of the larger pattern of life and to understand our burial ritual and religious traditions surrounding the death of a loved one.

Our cemeteries are places within which graveside services take place. The full utilization of the Catholic rituals surrounding death is encouraged, from the Vigil to the Wake, through the celebration of the Mass of Christian Burial in the parish church, to the gathering for the Committal Rites at the cemetery.

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CCA By The Numbers

Founded: 1849

Number of cemeteries: 19

Number of interments: 689,595

Total acres: 1,474.6

Developed acres: 866.9

Roadway (Miles): 36.95