GravesThe Catholic Church teaches that death is not an end, but the beginning of eternal life. Our Catholic cemeteries serve as reminders that we must all one day pass from this earthly life to a better one. Catholic burial is an honor and a priviledge, as well as a right of baptized Catholics and their families. It is also the last reaffirmation of our faith.

The Catholic Church not only encourages the burial of Catholics in our cemeteries, but welcomes their non-Catholic family members as well. The Church teaches that those who were together in life should not be separated in death.

The Catholic Cemeteries Association offers the following selection of grave sections as final resting places: Calvary Cleveland

  • Shrine Graves are located in sections of the cemetery where shrines or statues have been erected.
  • Monument Graves are located in sections that have been zoned to allow large family monuments.
  • Marker Graves are those that feature headstones that are level with the lawn.
  • Roadside Graves are graves located closer to the road for easier visitation.

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