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Estate Mausoleums

A private Estate Mausoleum reflects a successful life-well lived.

Constructed from beautiful, solid granite, each design is individually assembled and may be placed on a cemetery location designated for Estate Mausoleums.

An Estate Mausoleum can be personalized with a variety of options. These structures provide interment for family members, allow for private and personal meditation, urns, vases, and religious symbols and other enhancements which reflects your family’s preferences.

Community Mausoleums

The tradition of above ground burial can be traced to 353 B.C. That's when the first mausoleum was built for King Mausolus of Caria, from whom the name is derived. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Above-ground burial of Christians begins with Jesus. Scripture tells us that after Jesus died on the cross, Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body. He wrapped the body in a shroud and placed it in a tomb hewn of stone.

Early Christians were buried in catacombs. In older church-yards, private family mausoleums can still be found. But because of their costs, they were only available to the affluent.

Today, the Catholic Cemeteries Association offers above-ground burial in mausoleums to all, at affordable prices. The mausoleums at our cemeteries also include a chapel where Masses and memorial services are held.


Sarcophagi are designed for families who wish to be interred together to create a family estate. We can offer various settings for you to choose.

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