Catholic cemeteries offer pre-need planning.
The Catholic Cemeteries Association has experienced, caring Family Service Representatives to provide both At-Need assistance (for a death that has already occurred) and Pre-Need planning. Pre-Need planning allows for a less stressful-more informed decision by relieving loved ones of the emotional and financial burdens at a very difficult time.

The Right Time To Make A Cemetery Selection
All major decisions are best made with careful planning: The purchase of a home; putting money aside for your children's education; Investing for your retirement. The planning you do today assures that your goals will be met in the future.

The same is true for selecting a cemetery and a family interment site. It has been shown time and time again that pre-need planning results in a better informed decision, while relieving loved ones of the task of having to make the choice at a very difficult time.

The selection of a final resting place is inevitable, and will be made either by you or your surviving family members. You can consider your options more carefully by choosing a burial site or mausoleum space in advance.

A member of the Catholic Cemeteries Association staff will sit down with you and explain the various types of services and products that are available. By discussing and comparing the choices this way, you'll be better equipped to make a well-informed decision.

Perhaps, more importantly, pre-need planning relieves your family of the burden of choosing a site and making other arrangements during a time of great sadness, stress and confusion. It also guarantees that your wishes are fulfilled and helps to minimize any undue family pressure. Pre-need cemetery selection also alleviates some of the financial burden at a time when there are other expenses your family must meet.

Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Cemetery Arrangements

  1. Both you and your spouse plan together calmly and prudently not alone.
  2. Able to make use of payment options (some with no interest) instead of payment in full.
  3. Saves life insurance benefits for your surviving family.
  4. Gives your family, especially your children, peace of mind.
  5. Saves money by purchasing future services and products at today's prices.
  6. Able to use good sound judgment not making rash decisions while under emotional stress.
  7. Pre-planning assures that your wishes are made known and followed.

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