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Arimathea Society

In the spirit of St. Joseph, the Arimathea Society of the Cleveland Catholic Cemeteries is dedicated to burying those of need with dignity and respect. The Arimathea Society consists of a number of Catholic High Schools in the Greater Cleveland and Akron areas whose students, practicing one of the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy, dedicate time by serving as pallbearers for the indigent and those of need. Additionally, these students also commemorate and pray for the deceased.Arimathea Society

When an in need person is identified by the Catholic Cemeteries Association (CCA), the CCA will contact the schools to arrange for pallbearers to serve at the individuals funeral. Alternatively, the funeral home may contact the schools directly providing that relationship is in place.

Typically the students may attend the funeral liturgy and then travel to the cemetery to serve as pallbearers and carry the casket to the grave. After burial the students usually spend a few minutes in prayer at the gravesite.

The Arimathea Society works closely with the Callistian Guild to provide dignified burials for the indigent.

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